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Avoid This Major Apple ID / Password Verification Scam

Last updated: September 5, 2015 at 21:37 pm

Here’s a scam alert: If you are receiving emails to reset your Apple account’s password, or someone on the forum is asking you to visit a particular page that requires you to verify your Apple username and password…

Then stop for a moment and look at the URL.

There’s a good chance that the page you have visited is not from In fact, it can be a phishing page waiting to steal your Apple account details.

Because scammers have come up with this new “trick” where you are taken to a webpage that heavily borrows the original Apple website’s design.

And then you are asked to enter the login details, as shown below.

Avoid this phishing page at all cost.

How To Find Out A Phishing Page

This is how the scam / phishing page looks like:


The menu points to the original Apple website.

On the right side is where the danger is. You are asked to sign in to verify your Apple ID by entering your username and password…

Check the URL (we are not linking to the URL to avoid you or someone else from entering secure details). This URL has the main domain as “idapplehelp” – and that is a domain not owned or managed by Apple.

Such misleading pages are often created to steal your password details.

We have already seen how over 22,000 iCloud login details were stolen through a jailbreak tweak, and this new scam is another variation to hack your data.

Your login details, as pointed out by a Reddit user, can then be used to lock your iPhone or iPad, or completely erase the data (as they will automatically have access to your iCloud account).

It’s sneaky – and the only tip we can give you is to look at the URL and remember all the Apple’s URL has “” as the main domain.

Of course, most of us are aware of such pages and we tend to ignore them. But there are poor souls who don’t know this and blindly enter their details. Share this post with them or post on Twitter / Facebook as doing so helps everyone become aware of such scams that are illegally profiting out there.

Source: Reddit

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