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The Most Useful Siri (and Hey Siri) Command Ever

Last updated: October 9, 2014 at 17:32 pm

If you are using Siri or Hey Siri, at some point you will realize that few commands are really useful for you (especially when you are looking for directions while driving), while some commands are plain useless.

Still, they are pretty cool anyway. And here is one command that is absolutely useful, especially if you are a movie buff. What is it? Well, you can command Siri to play movie trailers for you.

Just say the following command to Siri: “play the trailer of [movie name]

If you are using Hey Siri, say this: “Hey Siri, play the trailer of [movie name]

Why is it really useful?

  • Siri will automatically play the trailer right away — no need to put your finger on the screen anymore.
  • Siri grabs the video from and plays the high-quality version of the trailer.
  • Siri will aggregate the movie details and put them on one page — from movie cast to quick summary (taken from Rotten Tomatoes), you can also buy or rent the movie.
  • Siri will play the trailer in landscape/horizontal mode. This is, for us, the main reason to use Siri for watching movie trailers. (YouTube, are you listening?)

Give it a try – launch Siri and say the command.

Bonus Tip: You love watching random trailers like we do? No problem, as Siri can list and play new movie trailers. Just say: “Siri, can you play movie trailers”

1. Asking Siri to show movie trailers
2. Siri pulls up a list of newly released trailers from the iTunes Store
3. When you say “Her” (from the list of movies) – a new screen pops up, describing the details of the movie (with an option to buy, rent, and read the movie summary from Rotten Tomatoes)
4. Movie trailer plays instantly on your iPhone and iPad, in horizontal/landscape mode
5. Changing the video size by tapping the button on the top-right
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