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How to Get Rid of Annoying Gmail Messages in iPhone?

Last updated: February 9, 2015 at 9:50 am

Maybe once you used your Gmail email address to sign up to purchase something online or subscribe to some newsletter. But once you do that, you get trapped in that chain of receiving endless mails from that website. And your life is never the same again.

For example, you’re expecting an important work or personal mail. You’re refreshing your Gmail again and again to check for mails. And suddenly you get a mail; you proceed to check it and wham! It’s one of those useless promotional mails. Not only are these mails irritating, they end up adding more and more junk mail in your inbox.

What’s more annoying is that you get mails from places you’ve never heard of. Getting bombarded with such mails is just such a bad beginning to the day. If you prefer keeping your inbox clean and organised, then we can understand your predicament.

While most emails will offer you a link to unsubscribe, the process is not always that simple. Again, there are times, when these mailers show up an unsubscribe option. So what do you in such situations? Patiently hope for a miracle to happen? No, we have a better solution. Just follow the below steps to organise your inbox smoothly on your iOS device.

Steps For Unsubscribing All Those Useless Gmail Messages:

  • Download the app Unsubscriber for Gmail for iOS devices
    • Unsubscriber is an app for iOS devices that neatly organises your mailing lists into an easy-to-view list. It lets you to unsubscribe by swiping left and maintain your existing subscriptions by swiping right (just like Tinder!).
    • What the app does is it unsubscribes by sending an email to the closest client available, instead of creating a filter to hide them. It doesn’t breach your privacy in any form because all the information remains on your device.
    • Authorising your Gmail with Unsubscriber doesn’t take long; the process takes from a few seconds to a minute (depending on how heavy your inbox is).
  • Once you’re done with the process of authorisation, the app will let you view a list of all your mailing lists and newsletters you’re/you’ve subscribed to
  • Most received mails will appear on top
  • Swipe left in order to unsubscribe and swipe right (a Keep icon in green will appear) for retaining your subscription
  • You can also see a three-dot menu next to each newsletter
    • This lets you view how many messages you’ve been sent along with the timespan
  • Along with this, you can also keep your subscription at the bottom
  • That’s it; you’ve successfully sorted your inbox!

Wasn’t that easy? Now you won’t have to begin your day with useless mails in your iPhone’s inbox!

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