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Fix “This Accessory May Not Be Supported” Error While Charging iPhone / iPad

Last updated: June 30, 2015 at 23:10 pm

Do you get an error message on your iPhone or iPad screen after updating iOS to the new iOS 8.1, 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4? You are not alone.

Many Apple users are complaining that the error This Accessory May Not Be Supported appears right after upgrading to the new iOS and it has nothing to do with the faulty device or cable.


As much as we don’t like to tell you this, the problem has to do with the faulty charging cable of your iPhone or iPad.

After going through dozens of pages to find a way to get rid of “accessory may not be support” problem, we have come to the following conclusion:

  • Your iPhone has dust inside the charging port
  • Your cable is faulty or it has dust inside those pins

But iOS 8 update created this problem, right? Yes, you are probably right. We can’t say for sure, but we know what fixes this problem. And so here are 5 solutions that will end the “accessory” issue during iPhone charging almost permanently.

Note: Even if you have OEM apple charger/cable, or a brand new iPhone 6/5s device and its under warranty, you may still face this problem (and the solutions mentioned below will work for you).

Solution 1: Change the cable

Don’t buy a new one. If you have a spare cable (we had iPod Touch cable and it works with our old iPhone 4s), you can always plug it into the power socket and charge your iPhone. Notice if the error still appears. If it doesn’t, you are good. If it does, go through the next solution.

Solution 2: Remove Dust From Apple’s Cable

Lawrence says: “The most common cause of this error when using an Apple or Apple-approved cable is dirt or pocket lint in the lightning cable on the phone. Examine it with a bright light, magnifying glass if needed, and clean it with a wood or plastic toothpick.”

So clean that lighting connector sockets and plugs and try charging your iPhone now. You can always use an old toothbrush to get rid of those internal dust.

Solution 3: Switch ON Airplane Mode

First, connect your iPhone to the charging cable. The error message will appear, so dismiss or ignore it. Next, turn ON the Airplane mode in your device.

Now switch OFF your iPhone. Wait for another 2 minutes and switch it ON again. You will no longer receive the error message.

Solution 4: Change Power Supply

Raymond explains: “Your USB port on your computer may not be providing enough power. My iPhone will charge from my computer, my iPad will not because there is not enough power. Not all USB ports provide the same amount of power.”

So if you are using iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 6 that will require different power supply, you may want to use a different power source.

Solution 5: Use Bypass Addon

If your iPhone is jailbroken (iOS 8.1.3 cannot be jailbroken at the moment) then you can use Bypass Unsupported Access addon available in Cydia.

The process is simple: Open Cydia, add new repo — — and search for the Bypass Unsupported Access. Download and install it to get rid of the error message permanently.


We hope you found at least one of the solution working in your favor. Do let us know which solution did the trick for you as it is only going to help other iOS users looking for a quick fix for this everlasting problem.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Nick Milligan

    I have a feeling it’s a software issue because when I turn off the phone and plug the charger in, the phone automatically turns on. It never used to do this.

    • Wendy

      I tried all the options. It didn’t work until I given up- while the cable is still on, I turned the power off of my phone, then I left the phone there. The next thing I know the phone is fully charged.

      • Jamie

        I experience the same thing. Turn off the phone while leaving the cable plugged it. It charges while turned off. Thus, this HAS to be a software problem.

    • Zack

      The same thing happened on my iPhone. After it turn on automatically the phone cannot be charging until i switch it off again. What to do?

  • Rod V

    Thanks, solution #3 actually worked for me! At least for now (I haven’t removed my iPhone yet and placed it back on the dock). But I suspect this is Apple’s doing, because my dock worked perfectly with my iPhone 5 and my iPhone 6 Plus until I updated to I0S 8.3. Nothing has changed, I haven’t even moved it. Once I updated to IOS 8.3 it stopped working. By the way it’s a Griffin lightning cable (not Apple).

  • Joe swanson

    Solutions 1-5 all failed.

    Solution 6: I am buying an android. iOS has finally lost me.

    • Dana

      Same here

  • MidniteBlue

    These are all wrong – it’s nothing to do with dirt of dust, nor with faulty cables. The message comes up if the phone is connected to a power source that is not fully current regulated. This is why is only happens for some people once the device has reached 100% charge. With the correct charger, in good condition, once the device reaches full charge it is designed to limit the current to stop overcharging and damaging the battery. If you have an iPhone 6 or an iPad with a Lightning connector and you use anything but the charger that came with it, even an Apple charger designed for a different device, then you are likely to see this message on occasion. Even the ambient temperature can affect it – by varying the charging rate.

    • Jetora

      That may all be true, but if the input port is full of gunk no cable is going to work. 😉

  • Lina

    Solution #3 worked for me! Kind of ridiculous that I even needed to try anything, given that I just purchased my lightning cable from Apple 2 months ago.


    I find that inserting the cable one way around (one side up) works and other does not. As long as the battery symbol goes green I know it’s charging!

    • C@ndyStr!ck3r🍬

      The problem is the fact that once you have your iphone hooked with third part cable energy, the original cable will be no longer useful to you… i face this problem now so I don’t know how to fixe it unless to wait until it broke buy another one….

  • Bundparr Singh

    believe it or not solution 1 actually worked for me i used a stapled to clean out the charging port and aux port and so much lint came out of there and i used compressed air after to clean it out some more and plugged it in and its been working for 15 mins usually the message comes up by now

  • Jetora

    This problem occurs with more than lightening connectors. Solution 2 and 1 above have worked with an iPhone 5 that sits in my husband’s pocket. It gets full of and lint and such, and cleaning the input port with a toothpick works great. Believe it or not a third party flat cable works far better than any Apple cable we have, and we have plenty. Our iPad 3 not so much, and it doesn’t matter what cable we use. What resolves the issue is a simple reboot. All devices are on iOS 8.3.

  • nFolio

    Flat toothpick worked for me. The problem was intermittant.

  • Craig Milner

    This is NOT correct. Apple have figured a way to detect non genuine accessories. I have an ipad kept in a sleeve so no dust. These are self cleaning contacts anyway . I have added a USB extension lead to an apple charger and apple lead and gwt the message plus not charging message. It does charge normally

  • Prutessa

    Airplane mode trick seems to have fixed it. Weird.
    Thank you.


    I just recently updated and my issues started yesterday. I tried the airpplane mode option and that seems to have worked. Thank you!

  • Dana

    Untrue. I updated my iPhone but not my iPad. My 3rd party charger still works just fine with my iPad and no longer works with my iPhone. It is clearly because of the update. I even tried the cleaning thing as suggested (not that it was dirty in the first place), and it is still not working. If Apple concentrated more on making chargers that don’t fall apart so easily, we wouldn’t have to go out and buy less expensive, more sufficient 3rd party chargers in the first place. We spend so much of our hard earned money on these devices, and their obvious plot to make more unnecessary money off of us is a slap in the face.

    • C@ndyStr!ck3r🍬

      take care bro, my iphone does not recognize original cable…

  • Perdomo Diana

    My iPhone 5c has de iOS 7 and shows that message. I used a tooth brush to clean the port. Problem seems to be gone .

  • Syd.
  • Syd.

    Had same trouble. Eventually discovered contact 4 of cable connecting to iPad was corroded. Hope this helps.

  • er?

    my phone actually went off while tryna fix, how am i gonna phone back?

  • adam101

    I tried all the above, nothing work.
    Here is what worked for me after month of frustration, I found an extra small black travel adapter with one of my kids, it plugged my cell phone couple times and the message was gone:
    used apple cable & LG Travel Adapter model (STA -U12WS INPUT 100-240V OUTPUT 5.1V) you’ll see the same error for the first 2 charges and then it will disappear for ever

  • Mary Hawkins

    Only tried solution 3. It seems to be working!

  • Dave Daniels

    Bought a refurb iphone 5. Mint. Has ios 8.1.2. I charge it with the 3rd party cable that came with it. I DO get that same message when I plug in the cable, but all I do is click it off and the phone charges just fine. The message disappears until the next time I unplug it then plug it in again. No biggie. I just click it off again.

  • William Foley

    I ve been through all the quick fixes. the airplane mode works best*

    100% hardware issue with the phone. i have 9 other devices in my household.. no problem with them using the same cables and chargers…

    the real problem is the charging port on the device, its a know issue and apple refuses to make it right.. ..*the airplane mode work around will only work for a time (2 months for me)…* the only way to charge the device with this issue is to turn it off while charging.. until you replace the charging port.. which apple will not do.. you would have to go to a 3rd party repair shop..

  • Ronni L.

    I am having the same issues. I have been buying new cables like every month! It doesn’t matter if it was OEM or 3rd party. I have read these suggestions; cleaning didn’t work nor did the “airplane mode” idea. I have been plugging the charger into a power strip that also has a couple of other things plugged into it so I just plugged the charger into the outlet directly & it’s charging. Hoping it works this time

  • hiddensphinx

    Best solution that worked for me was to Jailbreak and then from Cydia install “Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler”