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How to Capture Super Steady Photos Using iPhone?

Last updated: February 9, 2015 at 9:44 am

Who doesn’t love to take photos? And for most of us, nothing comes handier than our iPhone when it comes to capturing quality photos with zero photography knowledge. After all who carries a DSLR always?

But on several occasions it must have happened that you clicked a photo and later when you check the photo, you realise that it’s blurred and hazy. A waste of an amazing capture that you could have uploaded on your social networking channels. Sigh! Not everybody has the gift of steady hands, right?

You need not worry anymore; we are here to rescue you from such bloopers. Your iPhone has a wide range of ‘oh so awesome’ features you see. Here’s what exactly you should when you want to capture a moment in all its glory and beauty. Just follow these simple steps.

Steps To Take Steady Pictures Using Your iPhone’s Camera:

  • Position your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch by choosing the correct angle
  • Focus wherever you want to with a single tap (by tapping on the point focal point of your photo)
  • Click your using one of the volume control keys of your iOS device
  • Another easier and full-proof way of taking a photo is by using the volume buttons of your headphones or earphones. If you opt for this method then you are sure to take a steady photo because you won’t be doing anything with the photo. All that you need to do is plug your headphones.
  • You won’t even need a selfie stick to take amazingly positioned selfies with this feature. Even if your iOS device doesn’t have the timer feature (a feature of iOS 8), you can take selfies by keeping your phone anywhere, you won’t even have to hold it!

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