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How to Remove Fingerprints, Oil Marks & Stains From iPhone Screen?

Last updated: December 25, 2014 at 20:30 pm

If you have oily hands (due to your skin type), or if you have spilled oil on your iPhone screen, then you will notice the fingerprints on the screen very clearly. So how can you get rid of this?

Simple. Just use a cloth that is developed to remove ugly fingerprints, smudges, oil marks and stains.

You can take a piece of cloth, apply methanol or ethanol and wipe your screen to remove the dirt.

An even better way to do is to get yourself an electronic cloth — yes, we now have clothes developed specially to clean screens out of those fingerprints and oily marks. You can find such a cloth — plus is it reusable — on

iphone-fingerprint-cleaner We recommend 3M Microfiber Electronics Cloth. Why?

With nearly 5 stars, this cloth cleans all the ugh feeling you get while holding your iPad or iPhone.

Plus, it only costs about $10 and you will get two clothes. It is also reusable, so it’s reliable and should work very well for iPhone screens.

Worth the 10 bucks? Absolutely!

Get Microfiber Electronics Cloth from

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