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Custom Email Signature Guide For iOS 8 Users [iPad, iPhone]

Last updated: March 1, 2015 at 23:05 pm

For your iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, we have a couple of important tips to share with you today. If you use iOS Mail app regularly on your devices, it’s time to learn a couple of new things.

In this how-to tutorial, we will explain you several signature-related features of the Mail app that we find extremely useful and answer some of the common problems and questions. So let’s get started?


Question: How to change or modify the default “sent from my iPhone” text signature?
Answer: In iOS 8, every email message you are going to send will have the text “sent from my iPhone” (for iPhone users) or “sent from my iPad” (for iPad users) placed at the bottom.

This text is, in fact, signature. You can modify this signature by going to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. From here, select “Signature.” Replace the default text with anything you prefer.


Question: How to remove the email signature permanently?
Answer: If you have existing signature, or if you don’t want any default signature embedded in your outgoing emails, follow the above answer but with one key change. And what’s that? Instead of replacing text, leave it empty and go back.

Mail app will automatically delete the email signature and none of your future emails will have anything at the bottom of the message.

Question: How to set different signatures for different email account?
Answer: If you want one email signature from your Mail app to go out to every outgoing email message, then go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Signature.

Here, tap on Per Account.

Following these steps will allow you to add a different set of signatures for every unique email account.

Question: How do I add HTML or custom signature in email messages?
Answer: By default, you cannot create a HTML code and insert it in the Signature box area. However, you can always use the “copy / paste” method wherein you will have to copy HTML code from your iPhone or iPad and paste it inside the box.

Follow these steps: First, from your computer or laptop (required), go to your email account. It can be Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail. For the purpose of this article, we will assume Gmail is our primary account that we are using on a desktop computer.

Next, compose an email with any subject line. In the body, add the signature you want. For example: Dr. iOS 8 Release, Senior Writer, (as shown below).


Tip: To create hyperlink to your Twitter account, Facebook profile, or website in Gmail, simply highlight the text, and click on the hyperlink button and you will be able to add hyperlink or email address link to it (pic).

Next, send this email to your iCloud or Apple account ID. Make sure the email lands in your Mail app. From your iPhone, open the Mail app and go to the message you sent using the Gmail account. Copy the entire signature, go to Settings -> Mails, Contacts, Calendars -> Signature and paste this message in the box.

Is that it? There is one more step. If the signature you pasted isn’t formatted correctly, you have to shake your iPhone or iPad. Why? Because Apple automatically tries to improve your pasted content and it, as silly as it may seem, destroys the signature format. So when you shake the device you will get a popup. Select “Undo” from this popup window to bring back old email signature.

Tip: You can also bold, italicize or underline the signature text. If you have a company logo you want to add as an email signature, feel free to do so. But note that all this HTML formatting should be done in your Gmail account (or any account that you may use to send email to the Mail app).

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • mrfcobf

    If you have a way to insert a logo and have that logo stick after closing preferences and mail and then reopening mail, you have something there. This has not worked and continues to not work all the way up to and through iOS 9’s beta…

  • Wobblesthegoose

    FYI-ONLY. I believe you can also use the free IOS-version of MS-Onenote to build your signature w/hypertext, fonts, etc. and subsequently cut/paste into your mail settings area for signatures