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How to Highlight & Undo Typed Text In iPhone With A Single Tap

Last updated: February 9, 2015 at 9:45 am

You just typed one lengthy text on your iPhone and suddenly find yourself in need to delete it or copy it somewhere else. So what do you usually do? Selecting the entire text by dragging the highlighter can be cumbersome.

Who has all that patience after all? Well, there’s a trick that lets you highlight and even undo this in just one tap. We bet you didn’t know about it. Here goes the secret for undoing, redoing, deleting and highlighting text in iPhone apps…

Method 1:

  • Type a long text on your iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch
  • Touch the text with two fingers at the same time
  • The entire text will get highlighted immediately
  • Once highlighting is done, you can do all sort of formatting to it along with quickly deleting it

There’s also another way to quickly undo and redo typing on your iOS device. This one’s also a not-so-know yet useful trick that can come handy at several occasions. What makes this feature even more interesting is that it’s stylish too. A bit of show off never hurts, right? It’s by far the easiest thing to do on your iPhone (any iOS device to be precise).

Method 2:

  • Just type anything on any of your iOS devices
  • Now just shake your iPhone or iPad like you would shake a bottle of deodorant spray
  • Once you shake it, a small pop up window will appear asking you whether you want to undo or cancel your last action
  • Click Undo to delete your typed text
  • Now if you if like redoing your typed text, you can do that too
  • Just shake your iOS device again
  • A similar pop up will appear again that will prompt you whether you want to redo typing
  • If you click Redo, your deleted typed text will appear again

We simply love these little tricks, don’t you?

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