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How to Shuffle Songs in iOS 8 Music App

Last updated: July 2, 2015 at 8:51 am

If you have a – large or tiny – music library with a collection of your favorite songs on your iPhone / iPad, then shuffling all the tracks is a common sight. And in this article, I will explain you more about shuffling songs – and how Apple messed up this feature with the new iOS 8.4 update.

How Songs Are Shuffled In Earlier iOS 8

On your iPhone / iPad, you can launch the Music app and tap on Songs. Then at the top you will notice “Shuffle” with two intersecting arrows to the right.


When you tap on this, all the songs are shuffled.

You could also shuffle songs from the “Now Playing” screen (screen which shows the currently playing song with the play/pause buttons, etc). Here, under the volume slider, you will notice “Repeat – Create – Shuffle” options.


When you tap on the third option – which is Shuffle – the new song replaces the current one.

After “Shuffle” is selected – you will get a “Shuffle all” option that shuffles all the songs you have in your music library.


It’s a really useful feature for many, and one that is MISSING from the new update because…

iOS 8.4 Breaks The Shuffling Feature

Song shuffling option is no longer visible. It’s gone. And now, many believe this is a “wrong” move by Apple.

After all, why fix when it ain’t broken?


With iOS 8.4, Apple has replaced the Music app with a new interface, adding many new features – like Beats 1 radio, Apple Music and Connect – while eliminating the simple Shuffle option.

And if that wasn’t enough, even the Shake to Shuffle feature is removed from the Music settings menu.

New Method: Understanding The iOS 8.4 Shuffling Process

Shuffling all your songs, with iOS 8.4 update, has changed. To shuffle, this is what you have to do:

Solution 1: Ask Siri To Shuffle Songs

Because Apple has integrated its Music app with Siri, which means you can ask Siri to shuffle all of your songs. Just say the command: “Siri, shuffle all the songs.”

Siri will show you the message “OK, turning shuffle on” and start playing a random song from your music library.


Solution 2: Shuffle From Music App

  • Launch the new Music app
  • Tap on My Music
  • Select Songs from the screen (see: How to sort songs)
  • Tap on any song
  • Tap on the shuffle button as shown below


Shuffling Tip: Make A Playlist

If you have a large music library – it’s better to create a playlist of your favorite songs (follow this guide: How to create, edit, delete playlists) and then launch this playlist.

In other words, when you open a playlist – you will have a collection of songs. Select any song and tap on the Shuffle button.

This will force the Music app to shuffle only the songs that are in the current playlist.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Fynitie Lockheart

    How do I set a particular song on repeat? Like, just one song. I don’t see an option for that anymore too ):

    • Elizabeth

      My question as well. Set a playlist of just that song? How frustrating!!

    • JLRodas

      That’s easy my friend. At the right of the shuffle symbol is the repeat symbol. Put your song to play, go to the repeat symbol at the bottom, tap it once to tepeat just that song (a “1” appears) and twice to repeat the whole list.

  • Jes Dhatt

    thank you… im hating the new music display of IOS 8.4.. your help is really appreciated =)

  • boiiinng

    Ability to select and play/shuffle a specific genre is also gone. It just shows you a list of songs now. I’d really like to know how changes like this pass review. Unbelievable.

  • capodieci

    Steve Jobs really has a hard time to rest in peace…

  • Greg Smith

    IMHO The reason these features are lost is because they compete with the Radio, Apple Music, and Beats (paid for) services.

    • Mr. X

      I don’t give a shit about Radio, Apple Music, or anything else of the sort. I never have and never will. I want to play the music I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR the way I want! Fuck everything else!

      • Karl Awiszus

        it sounds like we will need to start a class action law suit just to play our own music the way it was when we bought it !!

  • ann onymous

    How do you shuffle all songs by one artist now? I can view my music by artist, and I can start playing the first song I have from them, but if I then use that shuffle button on the playing screen (where has ‘Now Playing gone – it’s multiple taps now just to get to what is playing) it only shuffles the album that the first song is on. For the artist I’m trying to play at the moment, that’s an album of one song so it does nothing. It used to be that when viewing an artist’s song collection on your device, you could pull down and you’d see an option to shuffle all the songs by that artist. Now that they seem to have a harder break between albums and songs, I don’t see a way to do it.
    What a massive and frustrating step backwards this UI is – all to push Apple Music in our faces every time we try to listen to our own music. I wish they’d stuck to the belief that people want to own their music collections.

  • tim

    Yeah, but it won’t even shuffle all of my songs in a single playlist. When I shuffle a playlist, it randomly plays 20 or so songs, then it begins to repeat those same few songs over and over. This is even if my playlist contains hundreds of songs. If I try to shuffle and repeat the entire playlist, the app turns off the repeat playlist feature by itself. Once it’s done this, it won’t allow me to select the repeat feature again. HATE, HATE, HATE this update! I can’t even control my own music on my own phone.

  • La Leaf

    I dread EVERYTIME I see a goddamned update because it really means “hey, we want to fuck everything up you’ve spent time customizing!”