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iOS Music App Tip: Sort / Filter by Songs, Albums, Artists, & Genre

Last updated: July 1, 2015 at 10:44 am

On your iPhone / iPad running the new iOS 8.4 update, the sorting feature has changed. Now, to sort and filter the songs you have by artists, album, or genre, tap in the middle of the screen (more details below).

Before we explain the actual steps, please note that this tutorial is for iOS 8.4 update. If you are using earlier versions of iOS 8, sorting music is much more easier. All you have to do is launch the reddish-pink Music app and look at the bottom menu.


You will notice the option to sort the current playlist by artists when the “Artists” icon is tapped or get the complete list of songs when the “Songs” icon is tapped.

If you want more option to sort / filter your music, selecting “More” brings up the following options: Albums – Genres – Compilations – Composers.


How to Sort / Filter Songs in Apple Music App On iOS 8.4

But in the new iOS 8.4, the Music app has changed. The bottom menu is new and the option to select “more” is missing. What Apple did is replace all this with a drop-down menu so you can sort your music immediately.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Music app on your iPhone / iPad and go to My Music (select from the menu) as shown.


Step 2: From the middle of the screen, tap on Artists (by default, the collection of songs were sorted by Artists).


Step 3: This will pop up a window with the following options: Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Composers, Show iTunes Purchase.


Step 4: Choose your sorting method. For example: If you want the Music app to display all the songs, just tap on “Songs” (doing so will show a tick mark to the right). You can also sort by albums, genres, and so on.

Note: You can only select one option at a time.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Guiseppe

    Hi!. I sort the files by genre but when I get into one, albums are alphabetically showed and no arrow to sort by artists is there. How to make easy things difficult. Is this the new Apple philosophy?. Ok, do you know if I could do this or maybe it’s time to look for a “music folder player, 10 Kb weight, I listen what I want in 3 touches?!”. Thank you :-)

  • Doug Garrison

    I want to play all albums from the artist like I used to do in earlier releases. Now you can only listen to one album at a time. Is there any way to listen straight through all albums for an artist by just selecting the artist????

    • Lasse Yung Jensen

      Gonna have to do it the retarded way like when they updated the ipod touch way back in the day.

      Make a playlist for each and every artist with the albums all in order.

      Just updated today from 8.3

      I’m gonna have a blast with my 4400 songs 880 artists -_-

    • Ryan

      I had to create new playlists for each artist where I wanted to listen to all the albums together, or shuffle all the songs from all the albums together. It’s annoying, but fortunately it doesn’t take too long.

    • DMB

      I need to know this also!

    • Jay

      Choose the sort by artist option –> Tap the artwork next to the artist name to start playing –> Go to now playing screen and tap shuffle.

  • Nigel Gentry

    The sort by album doesn’t work. Even if I select sort by album, my music is sorted by artist. When I am viewing an album or playlist, but back button is now just a black square with no writing. When I go into Music, it often just sits there with a blank white screen for a few seconds or longer. This release of Music is a huge step back in usability!

    • Johnnie Romon Blunt

      “The sort by album doesn’t work. Even if I select sort by album, my music is sorted by artist.”

      Thank goodness, I’m not the only one with this problem. I should have waited until Apple fixed the bugs. I really should have waited. Really. Does anyone know how to fix this in the meanwhile?

      • Daniel

        In case you haven’t found out- go to settings – music – sort album – and then select “by Title” (default is “by Artist”)

  • George Quievryn

    This changes seems like a terrible regression — I can no longer find the music I am looking for. Because I so much music and it is very diverse, I have always sorted/grouped by first genre, then artist, then album. And I used the “play all” or “shuffle” at each level in the hierarchy.

    Now I cannot seem to do that. If I group by “genre”, I no longer get a sub-grouping by artist — everything is by album. And when I do get to an artist, I cannot figure out how to shuffle all songs by that artist (only at the album level).

  • Just William

    In the continuing problems with iTunes, another issue in sorting is that in a 2-volume album set, Volume 2 will sequence before Volume 1. Both volumes have the exact same album information yet Volume 2 appears first. This is getting very frustrating.
    You would think that Apple would test their updates before publishing them but apparently this step keeps getting missed.

  • lancejackson

    When I select My Music, Step 2 is not available (no “Artists” to tap on). What a mess. I have an iPhone 5. If I can’t find a solution to this I’m switching to a different phone manufacturer for me and all of my employees.

  • Sam P

    Unfortunately, this post and the way 8 handles music is crap. First, I have “Albums” selected at the center top. But it’s not sorting by album. Each album is sorted by artist. So, while all the songs in an album are under one album icon, the albums themselves are sorted by artist’s first name. I have many albums that are compilations so there isn’t just one main artist on the album. (I have yet to figure why Apple is sooo obsessed with putting things under the artist’s name instead of the album — even in my music library on my computer, it creates an unnecessarily complex file structure with a folder for the album and then a folder for each artist on that album.)

    So, setting Albums does not sort alphabetically by album but still by the artist name. When I hit a letter at the side to jump to that place in the alphabet, I’m sent to the artist name rather than the album name. Needless to V, with “various artists” has become quite large. As a result, It is difficult to find any album. Why can’t we sort by album name? It’s a simple thing.

    On top of this, when the song list for the album is displayed, “Shuffle” is permanently there and easy to hit when you are moving or putting aside the ipad.

    Finally, it will only display album icons and artist’s names. There is no longer the option to show how many songs or how many minutes that album is.

    Whomever at Apple thought these were good ideas should be fired.

  • Sam P

    Sigh. I had the same problem where it was sorting by Artist first name instead of album when you choose album sore. However, on another forum for iPhone, I saw something that made me check a setting on my iPad. Unfortunately, it is a little silly and not convenient.

    Go to Settings (that gear icon). Find Music in that menu. Under “Library,” you can choose Sort Albums By Title.

    Sigh. Why couldn’t this just be in the music app??

    • Peter Warren

      Fantastic. Thanks, Sam P. This works! I was getting really niggled by the new IOS that stopped me from seeing my albums in alphabetical order. Going into settings makes it work, like it used to
      under older software. Thanks a lot.

  • Art DiGiacomo

    Apple you need to restore the music player to how it was before this fiasco. It just doesn’t work. It just keeps repeating the song I select to start with. No shuffle selection works. The corrections listed above don’t work.

  • Eddy

    I need a very simple fix. I own many albums from a few bands, Pink Floyd for example. I would like to listen to all their albums, back to back, in the order that they were made. This would involve listing the albums by year, but the order is backwards. The first album is the newest album (Division Bell 1994), and the earliest album is at the end (Dark Side 1973). I want to reverse the listing order order but I don’t know how. Can anyone help!?!

    TLDR: I want the albums to be listed by year in ascending order, not descending order!

  • David Edwards

    All I wish to do is simply play compilation albums, click the album and play, no playlists to make, sounds simple to me!

  • Charlie

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I never ever would have thought to tap on Artist. The usability guru who came up with that idea must like making documentation necessary. What used to be so simple now requires a manual to operate.