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Is App Store Down? Yep, That’s Why You Cannot Download or Update Apps

Last updated: July 2, 2015 at 1:40 am

Update July 2nd, 2015: App Store is down only for a few iOS users (how many? we don’t know yet), and because iCloud is down – even Siri is not working.

Update June 2nd, 2015: App Store is facing downtime along with iCloud.

Update March 11th, 2015: Oh yes, App Store is down once again. This time 4 services — including iTunes Store, iOS App Store, Mac App Store, iBooks Store — are facing server outages. Read more here.

Update March 12th, 2015:
Servers are back up and running. This was easily the longest global outage we have seen so far.

If you are wondering why you are not able to connect to the iOS App Store, even with a working Internet connection, then you are not alone.

Since this morning we are trying to access the App Store on iPhone with no luck. We never thought there could be any outage or server issues, until we checked Twitter.

Here are a few tweets complaining and confirming the news:

Is Apple App Store down? Can’t download/update any app #applestore #Apple #AppStore – @dgangwani
Users are reporting the Apple #AppStore is currently DOWN. No sign of when it will be fixed. Users can access store but cant download apps – @PrimiumCM
Hmm is the App Store down? Nothing will download on phone or pad. Was okay this morning. Won’t d/l updates or previously d/l apps – @MattHealey
The iOS App Store is down. Wonder how much money is lost every second… – @KMuncie

So, if you are unable to access the iOS App Store on your iOS device, it is probably just best to wait.

Also, if you look at the System Status page, you will notice there isn’t anything about App Store going down at the moment. Strange, right?

Update x1: Some folks, like us, are getting the error message “cannot connect to app store.” While some of them are able to access the App Store but cannot download any paid or free apps. In fact, even updating any existing iOS app is impossible.

Update x2: Another Apple user questions in the Apple forum:

“I’m unable to purchase, download, or update at all. I am able to go to the App Store and search for apps but after pressing the “Buy” button nothing happens. My wife, traveling and in another area today, is experiencing the same issue. What’s up?! I need to purchase a certain app to finish some work ASAP.”

< strong>Update x3: App Store outages so long are rare. Also, as pointed in the comment section, your iOS displays a “Status_Code_Error. Service unavailable” message after opening the App Store application.

Update x4: Apple’s services are down for the first time on March 11th, 2015. As pointed out in the comments, even Mac App Store (along with iOS App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store) are down.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Bij

    Hi…i’m getting status_code error. service unavailable window when trying to access app store on my iPhone 5s. Internet is fine. :(

    • iOS8Release

      Apple has the golden keys, so it’s a waiting game.

  • Daniel

    Isn’t Status Error for Mac App Store? Anyway I, too, am getting the same “cannot connect to app store” error on my ios device.

    • iOS8Release

      I don’t see the Status Error message on my Mac. I just get a blank Mac App Store screen with a logo at the center.

  • QbMoto

    Not only am i getting the same error i cannot use the iMessage on my mac!

  • Dee

    HI just spoke to someone at apple support and have been informed that apple are working on the problem which is at there end. They can’t advise on how long it will take to sort out but I’ve been told to give it an hour and try signing in again.

  • Aysha

    It works now!!

    • Boom Bastic Nilz

      hey is it working now..????