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iOS 8.3 Update Makes Siri Smoother By Improving Its Voice

Last updated: February 21, 2015 at 21:43 pm

Be it the male or female talking in your iPhone, Siri isn’t particularly rich when it comes to voice. Compare it to the Google Now, and you will know Apple’s Siri can always be improved.

So here is another effort from Apple to make Siri smoother than ever before through the new iOS 8.3 update that is scheduled for launch in the month of March.

9To5Mac received the video (added below) showing the new Siri voice in iOS 8.3 firmware:

If you are not using Siri often on your iPhone, you will barely notice any significant improvement.

Voice still sounds robotic, but we assure you it’s better compared to the older voice.

Siri was last updated with the launch of iOS 8 (along with it came the newly improved Hey Siri service) and since then we haven’t seen any major changes in this voice recognition technology.

From what we can deduce, you can expect iOS 8.3 to have a major Siri update – and all the things you were able to do – like finding unknown songs, taking selfies, using commands – are still going to be possible with Siri (check ’em out if you haven’t).

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