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Prepare Yourself For iOS 8 September 10th Launch

Last updated: September 13, 2014 at 5:00 am

Important Update: There was a confusion! The exact date of iOS 8 release is September 9th (not September 10th, as mentioned in this article). Please check this post for more details. Alternately, for complete information on iOS 8 timeline, please check out updated article on iOS 8 release date.

Update 2: Apple has confirmed that Sept. 17th is the final iOS 8.0 download date.

Waiting is a painful game. But that’s something we have to get used to in the Apple’s world. For some of us, it really doesn’t matter, as all we want is a stable version of that gorgeous new iOS 8 version on our iPhones and iPads.

There are other kind of folks though, and they do not believe in patience. And for those kinds, we have not a very good news.

Get Ready To “Wait More” For iOS 8 Launch

That’s right — more waiting, folks!


Now, if you have been following the iOS scene, you will realize that September is the month where Apple releases iOS firmware for iPhones and iPads.

Last year, the iOS 7 was launched on September 10th. And it was available for download on the Apple website just a week later — on September 18th.

Even iOS 6 was publicly announced on September 10th. And then on September 19th, the firmware’s download links were supplied.

So what about iOS 8? It’s going to follow the same pattern.

Launch of iOS 8: September 10th

According to various news sources (is it really that difficult to guess?) Apple is going to launch iOS 8 on September 10th.

Although we have many developer versions of iOS 8 for download, the one that is about to launch is a stable version — one that you can install on your iPhone and iPads without going through any troubles.

Of course, it’s just the launch (announcement) of iOS 8 on that date, along with a new iPhone 6 (aren’t you excited?).

The iOS 8 file will be available for download only after a week or so. Just bookmark or visit our iOS 8 download page to get the latest version of iOS 8 operating system.

In WWDC this year, we saw Apple announcing iOS 8 firmware and introducing several features that addresses most of the issues that bugged Apple owners. A quick look at the opinions online suggests that even Android users will likely switch back to iPhone. Why? Most probably because iOS 8 fixes major bugs and it’s the most refined iOS version till date.

Let’s see if that’s going to be true.

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