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iOS 8.0 Requires Massive Amount Of Free Space For Installation

Last updated: September 18, 2014 at 6:23 am

If you are wondering how much of free space iOS 8 needs, then let me tell you the answer might shock you.

We worried iOS 8 would require more than 2GB of free space for a perfect installation.

And guess what? We were wrong.

Apple iOS 8 requires even more storage space than we thought. A lot of your free space.

Want numbers? Here we go.

iOS 8.0 Free Space Required: 4GB+ Storage & Above

Apple iOS 8.0 firmware, the stable version that was released on September 17th, is going to take 4.6GB of free storage space.

Our reaction? Holy cr*p.

Baby shocked to hear the amount of free space iOS 8 requires

This means you need an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that has enough free space, or you need to delete some of those apps and games from your Apple device.

We had an iPhone 4s 16GB model and iPhone 5s 32GB model.

Installing iOS 8 on iPhone 5s was easy, as we had 10GB worth of free disc space left.

On iPhone 4s, however, we only had 1.8GB of free space and installing iOS 8 as OTA update cannot happen on this model.

Our solution? To free up enough space so that we can install the iOS 8 firmware files via iTunes.

Fortunately, none of the Apple devices come with a 8GB storage space. The ones that do, like the iPhone 3GS and old iPod Touches, do not support iOS 8 firmware.

Recently, though, we noticed iPhone 4s 8GB model sold on Amazon. And that made us wonder: How can anyone have a 8GB storage device and still be able to squeeze iOS 8 into it.

It’s not easy to make free space on such iPhone models.

What are your thoughts? Were you worried about the amount of installation space iOS 8 requires? Or, you have some magical ways to shrink iOS 8 file and get it on your device? Let us know through your comments below.

Update x1: There is a difference between the download filesize of iOS 8 and the installation space. For example, if you are downloading IPSW files of iOS 8.0 for your iPhone 4s, you will notice the filesize is clearly 1.6GB. However, to install this 1.6GB file, the iPhone 4s should have at least 4.6GB free space. An iPad Air requires 6.9GB storage space to install iOS 8.

Update x2: The iOS GM and iOS stable versions are the same. If you look at our iOS 8 stable version page, you will see the build numbers (12A365) of Gold Master and final version are exactly the same. So what does this mean? If you have already installed iOS 8 GM on your device, you don’t have to reinstall this firmware again.

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