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Guide To iOS 8.0 Download

Last updated: June 30, 2015 at 23:19 pm

This is easily the most exhaustive guide ever written on downloading iOS 8.0 firmware. We will start from the basics, then share the number of ways to get iOS 8 files, and finally point you to the links to download and install iOS 8 final version.


Table of contents

If you are new to iOS 8 and want to learn more, this is the only page you must read. Sure, it’s very lengthy but we have written it just for you. So enjoy this article before trying to get iOS 8 firmware.

Get Started With iOS 8 Firmware

iOS 8: What is it?

Apple iOS 8 is Apple’s operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. What started as “iPhone OS” in the year 2007 is now officially the most popular OS in this technological world. As you probably know, Apple launches a new iOS update every year.

Last year, at WWDC, Apple released iOS 7 firmware. This year, again, a new iOS 8 update was released for old and new iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

This “cycle” of releasing new firmwares is what makes Apple and its iOS firmware special. Next year we will have iOS 9, which will probably be better than iOS 8, with many new features. The cycle always repeats.

On our iOS8Release website, we focus only on iOS 8.0 firmware. Apple iOS 8 is, we believe, the most feature-rich firmware till now.

Note that after announcing iOS 8 at WWDC, Apple launched six more beta versions of iOS 8.

A new iOS 8 Gold Master was released in the month of September.

And finally, the most stable iOS 8.0 firmware was officially released for public download on September 17th.

iOS 8: It’s A Refreshing OS

Is Apple always a step ahead in the mobile industry? iOS 8 is a perfect example that Apple owns this industry. No, Apple iOS 8 firmware doesn’t have a completely new design or breathtaking icons anymore.

Those changes were made long back.

Apple has created iOS 8 by jumping into the future. It works perfectly with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and we have new features that helps medical doctors (HealthKit) and enterprises.

iOS 8 is focused toward seamless integration with other iOS devices. What’s more is the addition of a rich set of features.

iOS has a new mail app to read email messages easily and quickly. A new QuickType keyboard predicts what you are going to write next. Continuity feature lets you make and receive calls, send or create messages on your other iOS and Mac devices.

How cool are these features?

iOS 8 also has a Family Sharing option wherein all the music, books, apps and games you have purchased can be shared with your family members for free. That’s right! You buy once and your family can use it, too.

The addition of iCloud Drive, a new photo app and apps related to your health are perfect examples and reasons to upgrade to iOS 8. If you haven’t done it already yet, it’s time to download iOS 8, as we explain in our next section.

Download iOS 8

Get iOS 8: Check Compatibility

Before you even think of updating your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to the new firmware, it is mandatory for you to learn a couple of things. We will take it from the basics.

First, you have to have a Apple device that supports iOS 8.0 firmware. You can’t just download the files, then expect it to work. Can you?

That’s not how it works.

You have to find out if your device is compatible with iOS 8.0, only then you can download the files or update to iOS 8 right from your device. At the moment, the following devices works with iOS 8.0:

  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s
  • iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad mini, Air
  • iPod Touch 5G

To learn more, check out our iOS 8 compatibility guide.

Get iOS 8: Three Ways To Download

Right after finding out that your device works with iOS 8, your next step is to download iOS 8 files. You can download and install iOS 8 using traditional methods, or you can also choose to do it right from your device.

We have shared with you three ways to get iOS 8, each one explained below.

Method #1: Check For iOS 8 Updates From Your Computer

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Windows or Mac computer. You can still update iOS firmware to new iOS 8 using this simple technique.

All you need is Apple iTunes and a USB cable to plug the iOS device into your computer. Here’s how the process works: launch your iTunes player, connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Now, iTunes will connect with the Apple server and check for the latest iOS 8 updates. There is also a button “Updates” that will look for the latest version of iOS 8 firmware. You don’t have to download any files or install manually.


Apple iTunes will take care of the download and installation process of iOS 8 for you, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

For more, see this detailed tutorial on how to get iOS 8.0 via Apple iTunes:

Method #2: Direct Download iOS 8 IPSW Files

The second method is to download iOS 8 IPSW files on your computer. The key point here is that you should have IPSW files with you, which should be transferred to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

To get the IPSW files, check the iOS 8 stable download section.

And how do you transfer the IPSW file? It’s simple. You will use iTunes. Connect iOS device to your computer, open iTunes, and select IPSW files. The whole installation process is explained in our Installation guide.

For more, check out this guide explaining how to pick and install iOS 8.0 IPSW files:

Method #3: Update iOS 8 via OTA

OTA is Over-The-Air update. It’s an update that happens right from your device. What’s the advantage of this over the previous two methods? You don’t need a computer to update to iOS 8.0.

Just do an OTA and you will get iOS 8 downloaded and installed within a few minutes. Note that, however, you need enough free space for iOS 8 installation to happen.

Failing to have minimum space of 4GB can lead to a couple of things. First, your device will not get iOS 8 update. Second, the partially downloaded iOS 8 files was a waste of your time.

Just make sure you have enough space and a stable WiFi, 3G/4G cellular network connection to download iOS 8 as an OTA update.

To perform OTA update: Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

For more, we recommend you go to through the link below to learn how to  perform an OTA update:

New iOS 8 Updates & FAQs

iOS 8 Update: Which Version Should You Choose?

Apple has released many iOS 8 updates since June. You will notice, if you visit our iOS 8 release date page, that we have a total of 8 updates so far. Here is the breakdown:

  • iOS 8 betas — six versions of betas available
  • iOS 8 GM — one version of Gold Master available
  • iOS 8 stable — one version (iOS 8.0) available

We will update this page whenever a new version is released. Alternately, you should bookmark our iOS 8 Release Date page to keep yourself updated with the latest in the world of iOS 8.

But what do these updates really mean?

Update 30th June, 2015: We have iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 update released so far.

Every Apple iOS update is a chance for you to make your device perform well. When we first used iOS 8 beta 2 (only for developers), we thought it was one of the worst iOS update ever. WhatsApp crashes, Facebook didn’t work, and the whole UI was terrible. We expected this, as it was a beta firmware.

Then when we installed iOS 8 GM version, we saw a huge improvement in the overall design and the apps never crashed or freezed, with a few exceptions of course.

Similarly, the latest iOS 8 stable made our devices much more better than all those earlier updates.

What you have to do is regularly check your device for iOS 8 update. Whenever you can, make sure to perform a quick upgrade as it will help your device last longer (battery-wise), work faster, and crash lesser.

Apple iOS 8 FAQs

Question: Is iOS 8 free to download?
Answer: Yes, every version of iOS 8 is free to download.

Question: Should I be a developer to get iOS 8?
Answer: Only beta versions should be downloaded by developers. A consumer, which most of us are, should download the stable version. And to get iOS 8 stable version, you only need an Apple device.

Question: How do I download iOS 8 files?
Answer: The links above should help you get iOS 8 firmware files. You can also look at our iOS 8 download page.

Question: What’s with iOS 8 DMG files?
Answer: If your source of download is different, you may get an iOS 8 DMG file. Solution? You have to extract this DMG file to get a new IPSW file. Use this iPSW file via iTunes to install iOS 8.

Question: Should I use old or new version of iTunes?
Answer: Any version of iTunes works. In our example, we used iTunes 11.2 on Mac to install iOS 8 firmware.

Question: How do I know the files of iOS 8 are from Apple’s server?
Answer: If the name before .com is written as Apple, the firmware files are taken directly from Apple’s server. You will also find many mirror links to download iOS 8 firmware files.

Question: Why is the iOS 8 download speed slow?
Answer: As there are many users trying to download same files from the Apple server, you may find the download speed to be slow. There is no way to increase the speed. What you can do is choose a different source to get these iOS 8 files.

Question: Is it safe to download iOS 8 from Apple’s server?
Answer: Absolutely safe. As long as the files end with .IPSW extension, you can be sure that these are the firmware files.

Question: How long does it take to download iOS 8 files?
Answer: The exact time to get iOS 8 files is not at all predictable. It depends entirely on the server, and sometimes on the kind of file you are downloading. For example, an iPhone iOS 8 file can be smaller compared to the iOS 8 files for iPod Touch.


If you have made this far, congratulations. It took us a lot of time to write this iOS 8 download guide for you. It is, by no means, perfect. We understand iOS 8 is a huge update and we wanted to write for beginners and advanced users. You will hopefully find this guide as the ultimate way to download and install iOS 8 on your Apple devices.

We will also update this page with links to our iOS 8 review and share with you tips and tricks worth knowing. For now, enjoy downloading iOS 8 files and share your experience with us through the comment section.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware