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Who Can Download iOS 8 Beta 6 Firmware?

Last updated: September 14, 2014 at 16:40 pm

Looking to upgrade from iOS 8 Beta 5 to iOS 8 Beta 6 firmware? Let’s start with the good and then the bad news.

The good news is that Apple has released iOS 8 Beta 6 files, although it is a little late… but we should be glad to know that the new iOS 8 firmware is finally here.

Want to know the bad news? Thought you’d never ask.

The bad news is that iOS 8 Beta 6 is only available for “testing partners.” What does it mean? It means that if you are a developer looking to get iOS 8 Beta 6 firmware on your iOS device, then you are out of luck this time.

Previously, all the iOS beta firmwares were first made available to the iOS developers.

Apple, however, has decided to bring iOS 8 Beta 6 only to its carrier partners who will have the power to test and compare its stability with its older version. This iOS 8 Beta 6 firmware comes with new improvements and bug fixes, says Apple.

Carrier networks must test each iOS 8 beta version to make sure this new mobile OS works as expected.

New Change to iOS 8 Release Model

Here’s a little bit of history you will enjoy. Every time Apple used to announce iOS firmwares as “betas” and then release it to the public. In between this, errors with the betas were fixed and the next updated version was announced after two to three weeks.

After the betas, the Gold Master iOS firmware was launched. This Gold Master (GM) is a stable firmware for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Here’s the tricky part: Carrier network were permitted to test the iOS GM (Gold Master) firmware.

This time, however, the process has changed. iOS 8 Gold Master version isn’t available yet and Apple decided to give its beta version to these carrier networks.

In other words, Apple has skipped the iOS 8 GM firmware completely. And the reason for this remains unknown.

Buggy iOS 8? Deal With It

Now, if your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch is running the “latest” iOS 8 Beta 5, you are well aware of the problems. For instance, phone contacts disappear unexpectedly, calendar fails to sync and watching videos in landscape mode isn’t simply possible.

The new iOS 8 Beta 6 does fix few of the problems, but from our sources, major bugs remain as it is. For instance, Whatsapp is still broken. (Update: WhatsApp has fixed its crashing problems)

We have collected the features and problems of iOS 8 Beta 5, and we realize that it is sometimes painful to use. We do need to update to a better iOS firmware.

But what can you do? We all have only one option with this: to wait for Apple to release iOS 8 firmware on September 9th, and then download it. At this moment, the key to unlock and announce iOS 8 software to the public is in the Apple’s hand. For now, we can only wait with our hands folded, hoping that the newer version is going to be flawless (which it never is).

iOS 8 Beta 6 Features & Changelog

Testing partners should accept the iOS 8 Beta 6 (12A363d) by September 5th. Here are the complete features of iOS 8 Beta 6:

New features of the latest iOS 8 Beta 6 firmware.

For more features, check out our updated iOS 8 features page.

Final Thoughts: Wait For Latest iOS 8 To Go Public

Apple is again going to release a new iOS firmware, and it’s happening very soon. Simply head over to our “when will Apple release iOS 8” page to see the final date of Apple releasing iOS to the public.

We are not sure how “amazing” or “stable” the new iOS 8 is going to be, but we are pretty much confident it will be better than the iOS 8 Beta 5 version.

From our little test, iOS 8 Beta 5 is very unstable. Crashing, freezing and unusual behavior of apps is very common. The new stable version (see how you can download iOS 8 firmware) will hopefully eliminate most of these annoying problems.

As we wait for Apple to work on the newest firmware, we suggest you take a trip to some of our inner pages. Have a look at the features, problems, and if you would like, see the complete installation process.

If you are looking for a complete overview, check out iOS 8 Beta download page wherein you will get all the technical details of every beta firmwares launched till date.

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