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“Unspecified” iPhone Not Detectable in Windows Explorer? Here’s The Fix

Last updated: March 1, 2015 at 10:51 am

If your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer / laptop doesn’t recognize your iPhone, or if you are facing unexpected issues trying to make your iPhone appear in Windows explorer, then this how-to tutorial should solve your problem. Before we go into the solution, it is important to explain the situation.

Many iPhone users have said the device shows up under “unspecified” section in My Computer’s window. Even iTunes doesn’t detect the iPhone and often shows yellow triangle with an exclamation point. The problem is not with your iPhone. Or iTunes.

We don’t even think upgrading to iOS 8 has anything to do with this “connecting” issue.

Windows failing to recognize iPhone as a device? You are not alone!

So who do we blame? It’s your computer’s software problem. Apparently, Microsoft Windows operating system and Apple iPhones doesn’t sync well with each other.

How To Fix Your iPhone That Is Not Recognized in Windows Computer

Solution For Windows 8 users:

While you can troubleshoot in many ways, the perfect method that always works and helps you connect your iPhone to your Windows 8 computer without any problem requires you to complete just one task.

And what is this task? Update your Windows to Windows 8.1. When you upgrade to the new Windows 8.1, its new feature will forcefully connect your iPhone and iTunes will detect the device immediately.

We have tested this – and it works.

Solution For Windows 7 users:

Method #1: Go to Control Panel, look for Devices and Printers. Click on it and you will notice “Apple Mobile Device USB Driver” in the “Unspecified” section (it can even be “Apple iPod” or “Apple iPhone” or “Apple iPad”).

Right click to select Troubleshoot. This will look for the problem and fix it in a couple of minutes.

A new window will appear: “Problems found: iPhone doesn’t have a driver” and adjacent to it the word “Fixed” will be visible (meaning you have successfully fixed the device).

Tip: If it shows “Driver Not Installed” error message, we recommend you to manually or automatically install the required Windows driver. Read this article for more info: Solve Windows “Driver Not Installed” Error While Connecting iPhone To Computer

Method #2:

We haven’t tested this method because, at first, it sounds silly – but hey, it seem to work for several iOS users. Here’s what you should do: from your iPhone, open the Camera app and click a picture (you can click any number of pictures). Make sure the iOS device is not plugged in when you perform this action.

Then, connect your iPhone to your Windows computer, and it will immediately show up in the My Computer window. Simple? You bet.

Tip: After you plug your iPhone’s cable into your computer’s USB slot, launch iTunes, from the menu go to Store -> Authorize This Computer. Or you may also receive a message asking if you want to “Trust” this computer. When selected “Yes” or “OK” – your iOS device will now be detected.


You will find lots of ways to overcome the problem, and our first preference is to check the operating system. If any Windows update is available, go for it as it will always include driver update that are essential for connecting iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches effortlessly.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Mr.Broccoli

    This is all BS… none of this works. Once again Apple screws up. I have Windows 7 Pro and the Drivers that Apple supplies are NOT compatible. NO I’m not upgrading from my iPhone5 just to make Apple’s bottom line fatter.

  • John doe

    I had this issue on windows 8.1 and method 2 worked I couldnt believe.. but it worked… great job thanks.

  • Tiara

    method two worked for my iphone 6 :) after a bit of clarification. after u go to camera roll, hit select, then “select” some photos. Then plug in the phone, and it worked for me :)

  • Pam

    I have a 4S, an old iOS (by choice, since upgrades and the 4S don’t go so well together), and a PC with Windows 8, but the exact same problem. After trying drivers and the more usual things to no avail, I procrastinated for months. This weekend, I was deTERMINED to get this solved, because I wanted to be sure my photos were safe backed up before I do a restore on my iPhone, which got all its contacts overwritten by my work computer (long story). I just did two things, and I’m actually not sure which did it, but one of them did: 1) I went through the motions in iTunes of authorizing my computer, even though it was already authorized. (Some other sites noted that one of the solutions for Windows 8 is to ensure that the dialog box asking whether you trust the device is confirmed – I couldn’t get that to appear, so thought I’d try authorization.); 2) I then tried Method 2, which didn’t seem to work…until I touched a photo AFTER I plugged the iPhone in. So I’m not sure which it was – I’m inclined to think the second. Ridiculous. But so happy!