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Recalibrating Fixes Home Button Problem; Here’s How to Do It!

Last updated: September 22, 2014 at 12:00 pm


iOS 8 has a Home button bug that opens the multitasking menu when you tap once. KPHAM left a comment on our post explaining that it is possible to fix this problem and force the Home button to work correctly.

Here are the steps to follow on your iOS 8 device:

STEP 1: Open an app. Any default iOS app. (Weather, Clock etc.)
STEP 2: Hold the Sleep/Wake button (Power) till the ‘Slide to power off’ appears.
STEP 3: Now press and hold the home button till the slide goes away and you get to the homescreen. Done. You’ll notice that the app is closed.

This should fix the calibration issues and make the Home button work on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Credit also goes to iOS Support on Twitter for explaining the steps. Here is what they have to say: “#HomeButton issue fix. Complete. You’ll notice that the app is closed. This should fix the calibration issues and make the home button work.”

Let us know if you still face any problems with your Home button.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Putti

    Thanks a lot….it works.

    Simple steps and home button not working was annoying me. not anymore. Haha!

    • Sid

      Awesome! So glad to know.

  • Petr

    It doesn´t work for me. iPhone 4S/iOS 8

  • Rich

    Unfortunately doesn’t work for me on iPhone 5, this is getting very frustrating now

  • Scott

    Appears to work at first, but double tapping briefly displays multitasking, then returns to home screen.

    My problem might be different as well. When I single tap in an app, the multitasking screen shows briefly. Then the app springs back up. It’s very hard to get to the home screen or a stable multitasking screen.

  • Cucho

    It works perfect for my iPhone 5. Like Putti says, it was really, really annoying. Thank you very much!!!

  • Rachelle

    This worked for me!

  • dub

    Looked promising at first but I still get the problem of the multitasking menu flashing briefly and then returning to the app or home screen, when I double tap. I have a 4s.
    So, unfortunately not fixed for me, either.

  • Rand

    Works for about five minutes.

  • Candice

    Worked for me for about one minute. Then right back to being buggy. Can’t get to home screen with a single tap. So annoying!

  • Thanassis

    No. It does not work. :(

  • heather

    works for a few minutes and then the problem starts right back up again. even after upgrading to 8.0.2.

  • Brenno

    Thanks!! I was thinking that my home button was damage. My hope was in the iOS 8.0.2 update, but had still not fixed it.

    Now it works perfect!

  • AJ

    This worked perfectly. Thank you so much! I now must go repair the head dents in my walls!!

  • AJ

    Never mind, I now agree with the others. It only stays calibrated briefly then resumes tormenting me. Back to the wall…….

  • The Summer of George

    Not working for my 5. Tried several times, now. Very annoying.
    Come on, Apple…

  • Moe behery

    worked only for few minutes

  • RayL


  • Luigi

    Guys, download the 8.1 update. It has fixed that issue. Take the advice from one more iphone owner (me) who had the same problem after installing iOS 8.0 and 8.0.2. After I got 8.1 the issue is gone.

  • Luke S

    how about for androids