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How To Hard Reset Apple iOS 8 Devices

Last updated: September 17, 2014 at 0:43 am

In this tutorial you will learn how to hard reset any iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 8 firmware. Before you perform a hard reset, we recommend you to keep in mind a couple of important points. We will share these points here, and we will also share the steps involved in correctly hard resetting an existing device to factory settings.

Factory Hard Reset Solves Common Problems

Many iOS 8 users have this question on their mind: Does factory hard resetting erase and delete all the data from my iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch? The answer is yes. What hard resetting really does is “reset” the memory space and permanently remove all your data.

Photos, videos, contacts, messages are deleted when you do a hard reset.

To repeat: Hard reset erases all your data, firmware settings, apps, games, and every other content stored on your iOS device.

And when should we perform a hard reset? In many cases, whenever your iOS device crashes and apps stop responding, a hard reset solves the problem.

Even when a firmware upgrade is available, you may want to do a hard reset.

If the fonts or icons on the screen are blurred, a hard reset is the right solution.

Options in a menu are greyed out? Hard reset should fix that.

iPhone is slow and unresponsive? iPad is stuck? iPod Touch freezes? In all these cases, hard resetting should be the second step (rebooting is the first).

Hard Resetting on iOS 8: Here’s The Right Way To Do It

Before you decide that hard resetting is a must for your device, a content backup is necessary. You can launch iTunes and store this backup on your computer. Alternatively, you can use iCloud to save all your important contacts, documents, and other content to the cloud.


Here are two easy ways to hard reset a device:

  • Perform Hard Reset From iOS Device
  • Perform Hard Reset Using Apple iTunes

Let’s look at each of them in details:

Method 1: How to Perform Hard Reset From iOS Device

Note that this tutorial is not just limited for iOS 8 compatible devices like iPhone 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPad 2 and over, or iPod Touch 5G. If you are using older firmware, like iOS 7, the same steps are valid for hard resetting:

  • Unlock the screen and tap on Settings
  • Go to General
  • Tap Reset
  • Tap “Erase All content and Settings”
  • Tap Erase iPhone

You will see “Erase iPad” or “Erase iPod Touch” on your iPad and iPod Touch device. If you are using a passcode, you will be asked to enter the 4-digit passcode in order to hard reset.

Method 2: How to Perform Hard Reset Using Apple iTunes

Compared to previous method, this requires you to plug your iOS device to a computer and hit the Restore option. Here’s how it works on iTunes 11:

  • Connect iOS device to your Windows or Mac computer
  • Launch iTunes app and click on the device (let’s say iPhone)
  • Click “Restore iPhone.”
  • You will receive an alert messages on the iTunes app. Click “Restore Update”
  • Now click Next

A software license agreement window will pop up and you will have to click “Agree.” That’s it! Now you have to wait for the restoration process to finish.

Note: You don’t have to hold Power and Home button for hard resetting anymore. The above solution works just fine. You can use any one of the method.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Shay

    I have an iphone 4s and im trying the first method because the second method is bit slow for me so i hope that it works

  • mark

    what happens if u forgot ur passcode and cant get in

  • James

    I found a solution, Settings>General>Manage Storage>Find that app that is missing, select it, it says the app is null,>Delete>Re-Download in App Store

    • KateDouglas

      Thank you. I lost the icon for my banking app after an IOS update and your solution worked perfectly. Much appreciated!

  • Christy

    I have been battling the same problem! After reset do I restore from the backup or setup the as a new iphone? Restoring from a backup has not fixed the problem but, I don’t want to lose all of my contacts. :/

  • Vincent Van Horn

    Thanks for the guide.