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How To Fix iCloud / iTunes Terms & Conditions Problems in iOS 8

Last updated: October 8, 2014 at 20:28 pm

Terms & Conditions pages are long, and we often ignore them. Be it any iOS, websites, forums, or software applications – we usually scroll through the T&Cs or immediately click on “agree” button. So how could such a page create any problem for us Apple users? You will be surprised.

In iOS 8, during the installation process, you will be asked to setup iCloud and accept the Terms & Conditions. When opening App Store or iTunes Store for the first time, a window pops up — asking you to check out the new terms and conditions. If you ignore the message and try to purchase any apps from the App Store, you will be once again bombarded with such a window.

Terms & Conditions window pops up while launching apps like App Store in iOS 8

The real problem, however, is not to accept, ignore, or read the T&Cs. It is what this little window does – it gets “stuck” and sometimes freezes your Apple device. Here are the common problems with Terms and Conditions in iOS 8, along with the solutions.

Problem With iTunes Terms & Conditions


After updating to iOS 8, when you open the App Store, you will get a new “iTunes Terms & Conditions Have Changed” window with two buttons: “Cancel” and “OK.” You cannot click on any of those buttons, even tapping on the screen does nothing. Your Apple device is stuck with this message. [Source 1, Source 2]


Fix #1: Temporary solution is to press the Home button. When you do this, the window and the App Store disappears in the background. Make sure the App Store is not running in the background (swipe up to close the app). Reopen the app and you will be able to click the buttons whenever the window reappears.

Fix #2: Permanent solution is to update your iOS 8.0 to its latest version. If you have already updated it, then a reboot should fix the problem.

Fix #3: The third solution involves using your computer. Open iTunes, and download any random app. Next, you will be asked to accept the T&Cs. Accept it and you will no longer get the window on your device. For this method to work, you have to log into your iTunes account using the same Apple ID and password you are using on your iOS 8 device. [Source]

Problems With iCloud Terms & Conditions:


iCloud Terms & Conditions window appears before and after iOS 8 installation. Clicking on “Accept” or “View Terms” or “Show Terms” (different button appears in different places) leads to “unable to connect to server” error in iOS 8. You may also get a blank, white page. [Source 1]


As mentioned here, when the iCloud servers are down, you will get the “unable to connect to server” error message. See this page to make sure the iCloud servers are up.

Fix #1: Reboot your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. No need to reset network or do a fresh install – a quick reboot should fix this problem.

Fix #2: Log out and log back into your iCloud account from your iPhone, iPad, or ipod Touch. As you do this, a window appears asking you to view the T&Cs without any error messages. [Source]

Fix #3: Reset iCloud’s Time Zone — open, login, and change the zone depending on your location. You can head over to What’s My Time Zone website to get the current time zone details. [Source]

Time Zone in account

Note: When you click on “Show Terms” in the iCloud window, you may occasionally get a white, blank page with no information or buttons. This probably means the servers are down, or you have connected your Apple device to a slow Internet connection. In such cases, we recommend you to change the DNS and retry again.

Blank iCloud page while opening the Terms & Conditions in iOS 8
Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
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