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iOS 8.4 Download Stuck At Update Requested? Try This Fix

Last updated: July 1, 2015 at 0:52 am
Update Requested page while trying to download iOS 8.4 on iPhone
Update Requested page while trying to download iOS 8.4 on iPhone

With the launch of the new iOS 8.4 update, we are seeing many iPhone / iPad users trying to download the new firmware file from their devices – and most of them are updating via the OTA method as it is the most convenient and fastest.

Yet there are thousands of users unable to get the new iOS 8.4 update. Reason? Simply because Apple’s servers are slammed with requests. When there are so many requests, the server cannot handle them all – and so the iOS 8.4 update gets stuck or the download you want just doesn’t start… which leads to:

“Update Requested” Message During Software Update

I am sure you are here because you have seen the “Update Requested…” appearing on your device’s screen after tapping the “Download and Install” link inside the Software Update section.

It so happens that I faced the exact problem while trying to update iOS 8.4 today. And it probably has to do with the slow Internet connection I am on – and nothing to do with the country or the type of devices.

How To Fix This Problem?

I plugged the iPhone into my computer via USB cable. And the iTunes player was launched automatically, checking whether I have the new iOS software. And to my surprise it said that everything is up-to-date… but in reality, the device was still running iOS 8.3.

So I unplugged the device and restarted it again. To my surprise: the iOS 8.4 “Update Requested…” was changed to “Downloading..” with a download bar at the top (with no option to pause or resume the download).

Was it the iTunes that did some magic? Or just luck? Whatever the reason is – I suggest you to try what I did and see if it helps.

Another Apple user also mentioned another simple fix to get rid of the grayed out “Update Requested” message and begin iOS 8.4 download. Here are the details:

Finally found the solution to the “update requested” problem! First, you have to go the Settings -> General. Then you have to tap on Profiles and delete the Apple Beta Seed profile. Now, restart your iPhone / iPad and you will be able to update the device to iOS 8.4! Quick and easy!

I have also updated my old post that explains the problem in detail, with other solutions here: Fix Update Requested Problem on iOS 8

Let me know if you have been able to get “unstuck” from this problem. If you haven’t – I recommend you to wait and try again. Feel free to comment and let me know.

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