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iOS 8 Beta 5 Features & Problems

Last updated: August 28, 2014 at 18:15 pm

Apple’s iOS 8 Beta 5 firmware is regarded as the last update to iOS 8 firmware. After which we will have a stable version released to the public. If we compare iOS 8 Beta 1 to this iOS 8 Beta 5, you will see stability and performance improvements. Not tiny, but vast, vast improvements.

We believe iOS 8 Beta 5 is the best among the betas that are out there. There is WiFi calling, the Facebook app works well (thank GOD), and Skype app crashes infrequently. Facebook works, so what else do you need?

Anyway, to the point, here’s the list of good features and bad problems that comes with iOS 8.0 Beta 5:

iOS 8 Features: What’s new in iOS Beta 5?

Features of iOS 8 Beta 5 Software
  • Health app can collect information related to your lungs and track your breath (inhaling and exhaling). How cool is that?
  • Now you can add a contact to your address book. Previously, this wasn’t possible if you received the contact via iMessage app.
  • The App Store now loads faster and navigation is much better. Even better than the previous iOS 8 Beta 4 update.
  • Quick Reply keyboard problem has been fixed.
  • iCloud has a new icon. It’s cool.
  • Skype app doesn’t crash or freeze anymore. If the problem still persists, try re-installing the app through the App Store.
  • Facebook app is responsive and works extremely well, compared to previous iOS betas.
  • Now you can change the wallpaper directly from the Display & Brightness section.
  • Don’t like Predictive text? Now there is an option to disable (and enable) this feature.
  • Using T-Mobile device? You can use WiFi calling.
  • iCloud icon is updated yet again, along with Backup and Keychain icons.
  • In the Photos app, you will notice “Last Updated” notification that shows the last time your images were syned to iCloud.
  • Now you can enable SMS Relay.

For more features, look at our iOS 8 features page.

iOS 8 Beta 5 Problems

Problems & Bugs With iOS 8.0 Beta 5 Firmware
  • Watching YouTube videos in Landscape mode is impossible in the Facebook app.
  • Spotify controls disappear unexpectedly.
  • Downloading iOS 8 beta 5 can be tricky. You may be stuck at 90% or so, and the progress bar doesn’t move further. In that case, you may want to hard reset and try upgrading again.
  • Whatsapp is still broken in iOS 8 beta 5.
  • Contacts have auto-magically disappeared.
  • Calendar fails to sync properly with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • You may receive “Unable To Update” message while trying to download this firmware version.

What next? You can download iOS 8 Beta 5 through the instructions supplied on our iOS 8 Beta Download page, or read these common iOS 8 problems.

iOS 8 Beta 5 is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. See the “iOS 8 compatibility” list for more.

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