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iOS 8 Beta 3 Features & Problems

Last updated: September 18, 2014 at 7:33 am

Are you ready to learn more about iOS 8 Beta 3? Yes? Good!

You see, Apple released iOS 8.0 Beta 3 for developers in the first week of July. It is an improved version of Beta 2. And, if you remember, we said iOS 8 Beta 2 is most possibly the worst iOS beta we have ever used. It was extremely buggy, and we didn’t like it at all.

And that is when our hero, iOS 8 Beta 3 makes a dramatic entry. It fixes things, some “very well” and some not so well. We are, again, neutral to this iOS firmware, as it’s “beta” and we must not complain about it. Anyway, in this article you will see the features as well as issues that bugs iOS 8 Beta 3 users.

iOS 8 Features: What’s new in iOS 8 Beta 3?

Features of iOS 8.0 Beta 3
  • You can now enable or disable Handoff option.
  • You get an option to upgrade to iCloud Drive right after finishing the installation process.
  • New beta version of Find My iPhone is available.
  • Another new iOS 8 version of Find My Friends is available.
  • Swift programming language has been updated.
  • iOS 8 beta 3 brings new wallpapers for iPads and iPhones.
  • Weather app has tiny UI tweaks.
  • You can filter voice calls and video calls through FaceTime.
  • Shared Photo Streams name has been changed to Shared Albums.
  • QuickType is now visible as an option in Settings.
  • You have the option to save photos in Messages app.
  • You also have the option to see videos sent and received through the Messages app.
  • Minor tweak in the Clear button in the Notification Center.

For more features, look at our iOS 8 features page.

iOS 8 Beta 3 Problems

Problems & Bugs With iOS 8.0 Beta 3 Firmware
  • There is an installation Issue. You need to have a good amount of space for upgrading to iOS 8 Beta 3. From our testing, we were never able to install this firmware because of the lack of storage space. You require around 2.9GB of free space to get iOS 8 Beta 3 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • You can’t send images over Whatsapp. This bug hasn’t been fixed yet. Even the Whatsapp team hasn’t responded to this issue.
  • “Update Requested” message appears whenever you are trying to update iOS to iOS 8 Beta 3. Nothing happens after. Update Sept 17th: We have a solution to fix Update Requested message on iOS 8 stable firmware.
  • Similarly, “verifying update” message is visible on your iTunes screen as you try to install iOS 8 Beta 3. After a few seconds, the device reboots itself and you have to start the whole procedure all over again.
  • iOS 8 Beta 3 switches between 3G/LTE and EDGE on iPhones and iPads. All this happens automatically, without the permission of the user.
  • Google Play Music cannot play music anymore.

What next? You can download iOS 8 Beta 3 through the instructions supplied on our iOS 8 Beta Download page, or read these common iOS 8 problems.

iOS 8 Beta 3 is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. See the “iOS 8 compatibility” list for more.

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