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iOS 8 Beta 2 Features & Problems

Last updated: August 29, 2014 at 4:20 am

Right after announcing and releasing iOS 8 Beta 1 firmware, Apple released a new beta version of iOS 8 for its developers. It’s called iOS 8 Beta 2 and — as you can guess — it tries to fix the problems and ongoing issues with the previous iOS firmware.

Question is simple: Is iOS 8.0 Beta 2 doing a great job?

We don’t think so. In fact, after a quick test, we felt iOS 8 Beta 2 packs in more problems than goodies. At first, it was frustrating. Then we got used to it. That said, here are the features and the problems in iOS 8 Beta 2 software:

iOS 8 Features: What’s new in iOS 8 Beta 2?

Features of iOS 8 Beta 2 Software
  • New widget added in the Notification Center. It’s a calendar that you can use anytime by swiping your finger from bottom to the top of the screen.
  • Text size in the predictive keyboard is now large and visible.
  • The camera and voice buttons are blue in color. We believe this color blends in well with the current iOS 8 design.
  • Performance on iPhone 5 is better compared to iOS 8 Beta 1’s performance.
  • Quick Website Search option is available in the Safari app. This helps you find information within a website by providing a keyword.
  • Videos are not stored in the camera roll anymore. Clips you record or send goes right into your Messages app.
  • Now you can select multiple messages and mark them as “read.”
  • 1Password app finally works!
  • A new Family Purchase section is now visible in the Updates section.
  • Deleted photos are no longer available in the “Recently Deleted” section.
  • Safari on iPad has a new pinch gesture that gives you an overview of the other tabs.
  • Home Data is a new option available in your Settings.
  • Podcast app is available with the iOS firmware. In other words, it is installed by default.

For more features, look at our iOS 8 features page.

iOS 8 Beta 2 Problems

Problems & Bugs With iOS 8.0 Beta 2 Firmware
  • iTunes Store is broken in iOS 8 beta 2 version.
  • Message app freezes and has many bugs. Even the keyboard is slow and unresponsive sometimes.
  • The Photos app crashes unexpectedly.
  • The Phone app frequently crashes, especially when you try to pick up a call. This has forced many people to downgrade to iOS 7 firmware.
  • Whenever you try to hit the Home button twice, you have the option to select another app. Tap and the app crashes. Multitasking isn’t a smooth affair in iOS 8 Beta 2.
  • Sleep/wake button is not working, and it can get very annoying.
  • Unusual flickering is visible on the screen when using the default Apple apps.
  • Using Facebook app drains the battery life of iOS 8.
  • Message app freezes frequently.
  • You will find a lag when dialing a number to call.
  • Watching videos, even from YouTube app, is not possible. Some users have noted that iOS 8 Beta 2 cannot play videos.
  • On Twitter whenever you type emojis (smilies), the app crashes. Same is the case with any messaging app.
  • Conversation freezes and you cannot open the keyboard. Only reboot acts as a solution.
  • Mail app crashes.
  • Whenever you are downloading OTA, you may receive “preparing update” message. It can take up to 30 minutes or more for that message to disappear.
  • Quick Reply does not work in landscape mode.
  • ESPN SportsCenter app crashes, like many other third-party apps.
  • As mentioned earlier, multitasking on this beta firmware is broken, and switching back and forth is impossible.
  • Connection problem in setting and using VPN.

What next? Go to our iOS 8 Beta Download page to get iOS 8.0 Beta 1 version. Or read these common iOS 8 problems.

iOS 8 Beta 1 is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. See the “iOS 8 compatibility” list for more information.

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