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Exact Release Date & Time of iOS 8

Last updated: September 17, 2014 at 17:13 pm

We all have been wondering when is Apple going to release iOS 8 firmware. And we deserve to know, right?

If you remember, we mentioned that Apple will be releasing iOS 8 firmware on September 10th of this month. Guess what?

We were wrong…

And it was our damn fault.

We converted the timezone into our local time, and we did a pretty bad job at that.

Realizing this major mistake, we quickly updated our article to reflect the changes. Where? On our iOS 8 Release Date page.

Note that we frequently update iOS 8 page regularly, so all the meat — from time, location, date to download links — are available on that page, which is worth bookmarking.

On Apple Releasing iOS 8: Date, Time, And Location You Should Know!

For your convenience, what you see below is a factual information on when Apple is going to release iOS 8… you will get to see the date, time and location of iOS 8 launch.

We will also share with you the live event video here. So stick around and enjoy our future posts on iOS 8.

  • iOS 8 Release Date: Apple is releasing iOS 8 on 9th September 2014. Note that this is a stable iOS version. See the iOS 8 download section to learn more.
  • iOS 8 Release Time: Apple is releasing iOS 8 at an event that starts at 6PM (UK time). In the US, it’s 10AM local time. In India, the time of iOS 8 event is 10:30PM night.
  • iOS 8 Release Location: Apple is holding the event at Flint Center in Cupertino, California.

Apple has already invited the media folks to attend the invite. For us consumers, Apple decided to live stream the event on the Internet. If you have a good Internet speed, you can enjoy watching Tim Cook (and the whole Apple Team) releasing iOS 8 to the public.

Photo of iOS 8 event invitation

We will share more with you very soon. If you are already prepared to install iOS 8 on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, then you have to wait only for a few more days.

Just check out our other pages (links at the top) to get a feel of what iOS 8 is all about.

Update: Apple has already announced iOS 8 at the recent Apple event — see the complete event summary. Now, iOS 8 can be downloaded on September 17th from all over all the world. And yes, iOS 8 is available as a free upgrade for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Update x2: Apple iOS 8 will be released today, on September 17th. You can check the iOS 8 local time to quickly download the files from the Apple server.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware