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No 2G/3G Toggle Option in iOS 8 Frustrates iPhone Users

Last updated: October 1, 2014 at 8:54 am

Where is the option to enable or disable 3G connection?

If you have asked a similar question, you are not alone. Many iPhone users have reported that the “Enable 3G” toggle option is missing from their iPhone devices. This problem is visible only after you install iOS 8 firmware. Is it not an accidental fault, but a deliberate attempt from Apple to make connecting easier. Does it really help? Absolutely not!

Here is an explanation:

On iPhones running iOS 7 firmware, there was an option to turn ON or turn OFF 3G network whenever required. Users can go into the Settings menu, tap on Cellular and look for the “Enable 3G” button.

If enabled, 3G network is activated.

If disabled, 3G network is deactivated.

This simple option allowed users to disable 3G and switch to 2G/EDGE/GPRS Internet. However, it’s possible only on iOS 7 firmware. What if you decide to upgrade to iOS 8? Then you have to…

Get Used To The Missing 3G Button

Upgrade your iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s to the new iOS 8 and you will notice there is no 3G toggle option anymore.

Apple probably believed the whole world connects to the Internet over LTE, 4G and WiFi network, which is absolutely not true. This 3G toggling option is now replaced with “Enable LTE” option as shown in the picture below:

Enable 3G option is replaced with Enable LTE on Apple iPhone (iOS 8)

Note that LTE connection is unavailable in many countries. Indian users, for example, are frustrated with the new change. On the Apple forum, we have seen many users from Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil, Bulgaria, Mongolia looking to switch from 3G to 2G Internet without any luck.

And what does Apple say about this?

Apple hasn’t officially responded to this 2G/3G problem. When questioned the Apple support team, they requested customers to talk to the carrier network. Only the carrier network can solve this problem and automatically switch your cellular data from 3G to 2G.

This, of course, depends on the data plan you have.

If you have paid for the 2G data plan, you will be charged separately for using 3G. Many carrier networks, in reality, do not switch from 3G to 2G on demand (you need to pay extra and your 2G mobile data will be unused).

The problem doesn’t end here. Having 3G activated in the background leads to two more major problems:

  • Poor network/signal (No Network)
  • Charged battery drains quickly

So what’s the ultimate solution to this big 3G bug? For now, if you prefer using 2G over 3G, you can downgrade iPhone from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2 firmware. And if Apple stops signing iOS 7.1.2 firmware, you will never be able to downgrade to older firmwares again. The ultimate solution for this problem is in the hands of Apple.

Only they have the keys to include “Enable 3G” option in the next update. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know through your comments below.

Update x1: iOS 8.0.2 update still doesn’t fix this 2G problem.

Update x2: We are told the new iOS 8.1 supports 2G network. Remember to not update any primary device to iOS 8.1 yet, as it is in beta version.

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Rajneesh

    Indian here.

    So shocked to see no 3G toggle option.

    I am using Airtel 2G internet for years. I don’t want to switch to 3G because it is very costly.

  • Jain

    yep, i am done with iphone. which mobile company does not give 3g option man?

    I called docomo to change from 3g to 2g for my iphone 5s.

    Guess what? they will charge full money even though I said it’s not my fault that goddamn ios 8 does not support 2g connection.

    • Hossain

      What i understand one will be able to access 2G if you turn off LTE. Actually iPhone is designed to take the strongest connection available. Hence it might happen that at a particular location where 3G is strong you will not be able to use but locations where 2G is available then no problem.

      the issue is limited to iPhone 5c and 5s as it working fine in my iPhone 4s.

  • Anon

    Cant believe I payed so much for an iPhone 5s and im not able to use EDGE network. Instead blame the carrier for this. Shame on you apple. Shame on you!!

  • Ankit

    Apple is over for me. Really pathetic. Never expected this from apple at all.

  • Praveen

    The article covers the issues well. For users in India this toggle switch between 3G and 2G is a must. Apart from faster battery drain the 3G coverage is very poor. Hence it is a necessity to switch to 2G even if one is subscribed to 3G for better voice coverage. Hope Apple is listening!!!

  • Aso

    Frankly Iam going to through away my IPhone going to have basic phone much better than this rubbish upgrade . Unless iphone do action to solve this problem.

  • Birla

    Somebody call steve jobs plz? I want to talk to him how cook has screwed Apple company.

  • Vikas

    More network connectivity and battery problem

  • Jof

    Truly disappointing indeed. I can’t believe Apple is so naive that they wouldn’t let a user choose the network best suited to her/his needs.

    3G and LTE? Seriously?

    I have a humble iphone 5. I do use 3G, but I would like the power to switch networks in my hands.
    I’m hoping Apple is sensitive enough to this issue that they make changes in the next update.

  • sanjay

    after updating to ios 8 my iphone signal drops again and again. am uisng aircel in tamilnadu any fix for this guys? and also i tried to downgrade to 7.1.2 that is also not possible it seems. help

  • venu shekar

    2G is working on 5S with iOS 8

    • veena

      can u plz explain how?? want badly on ipad

  • Gerard

    i am very disappointed as well. My E/GPRS connection is so much better then the 3G here in Indonisia. To use 3G, I also need to buy a extra internet package to use it. If I do not buy the package? My data will be charged from my prepaid contract, and this is very expensive!
    APPLE, give back the GPRS/2G/E option! The 3G is bad in this country and my battery runs out empty very fast now!

  • Niranjan

    i’m, I the only person who is facing iPhone getting heated while using 2G data. Scared to use data on my phone… > <

  • Sachin Kumar Saluja

    Yes, i did upgrade and facing similar problem, mainly where no 3G coverage and i can’t use data services in phone, i am planning to switch from apple to Samsung Note4, dropped the idea of I phone6 as well…

  • Ravi Dudala

    Guys – Apple wont see your comments here – Please leave a Feedback stating the same in Apple support portal –

  • Andreas P.

    If this is not resolved by Apple (by re-instating GPRS option I.e. Ability to switch off 3G) they are going to lose a customer to android. Cyprus has poor 3G connectivity and the battery drain is a killer. That simple.

  • gauravchopal

    i m a big fan of apple i have everyting of apple macbook,iphone 5s,ipad air,apple tv,ipod 5th generation. after seen ios 8. i think apple was limited only upto steve jobs. as he is no more now apple only just increasing size in every new upgrade. so my friend its now time to say good bye to apple and switch to some other company like samsung. ios 8 make by apple is one of worst ios launch what apple make changes in last one year just icrease the size and upgrade hardware…….so sad

  • thierry

    It’s not depending on the carrier ! Is Apple call center stupid or what !
    Why the hell would a carrier do that ?

    This toggle only depends on the developers at Apple

    • Vayda

      On iOS 7, it was dependant on the carrier (I lost the enable 3G button months ago after a carrier update) which may explain the confusion. However, it is only in iOS 8 that Apple controls the button.

    • auburnfamilynews

      The carrier IS in control of this! Some carriers have different definitions of 2G, 3G, and 4G. Some carriers allow data on 2G and others don’t.

  • indian

    Eventhough I have 3g data plan I use 2g most of the times to save my battery and enable 3g whenever required. Testers as well as the Developers in apple are worthless… The below tells the truth….

    ios 8.0.1 and ios 8.0.2 How it is possible to release a update with in a day ?? what the hell the tester tested ? Tested for months and that build has the problem and in a single day they do have capable of testing everything ??? May be you can say Traceability.. What about the battery life ???

  • Amol Khanna

    Missing 3G toggle is like using the iphone without a battery. Its ridiculous and unnecessarily irritating. They did not need to do this in the very first place. Insane move . Just hope they get read this and understand the problem of a common user. The problem is they only view customer feedback from the eyes of USA where they may be having LTE and just forget about millions of users who are using iphone worldwide and in places which has a very poor 3G connectivity option and does not has an LTE option at all. Wish they read this and rectify the issue fairly quickly.

  • Trunkz117


  • Alby

    I’m using 3G for fast process
    After wards for whatsapp and other local process i just need 2G
    But this option put me in to deep trouble that 3GB netpack is not enough for me
    Due to this problem
    And near to my home 3g signal is weak but it switches automatically to 3g
    It gets so many problems for getting calls too..:( :( apple must find a solution for us!!

  • Tereko


    iOS 8.1 supports 2G… I tried it and it works wonderfully well. How do I update this post?

    For anyone interested go to cellular settings and then to voice settings to find a secret option for switching from 3g to 2g.

    • iOS8Release
      • Sukhpreet Gill

        This is bullshit…No such option…Don’t publish updates till the time they are verified.

        • auburnfamilynews

          If you were a developer you would know that this isn’t bullshit.

  • shafeeq

    i am already upgrade the phone but till now i didn’t get the 3g enabling option wt will we do ….

  • shafeeq


  • Yucelbro

    I live in Turkey and we have that problem. Turkcell Vodafone Tr or Avea carriers not supported 4G. That carriers are supported everywhere 2G and somewhere (downtown areas) 3G. We have battery drain problem but solved. We have disabled 3G option on carriers network :( using slowly internet now.. Apple inc. Forgotted this 3rd world country. Carriers thinking only money.

  • Andreia

    I live in Brazil and I’m having the same trouble. It sucks… My data is always off because I can’t live with the phone charging all day. I hope Apple fix this problem pretty soon…

  • Hikmet

    I live in Turkey and I want Enable 3G option to be set on ios 8

  • Hafizh

    I live in Indonesia which has slow connection! I need enable 3G toggle!!

  • Ajw

    I live in the UK and although I have access to 3G I rarely want to use it as it is expensive and drains the battery fast. If Apple do not respond to this failure then I will move away from Apple to another vendor like Samsung or Another Android phone. I don’t care for arrogant corporates.

  • Sambit

    Hey guys ! please update to ios 8.1. it is now resolved. There is 2G/3G/4G toggle available.

  • Samba

    I reside in Kolkata, India. I have two iPhones. Both use same carrier(Airtel). However one is 2G enabled and the other is 3G enabled. After the iOS 8.1 update, the iPhone having the 2G SIM is displaying all the toggles i.e. 2G/3G/LTE. But the other iPhone is not showing the new settings. It still shows 3G/LTE. I alter the SIMs. Guess what !! The phone with the 2G SIM displayed all the three toggles.

    So it is not a problem with the carriers. The problem lies with iOS. I can’t understand WHY Apple will decide which network I’m going to use. It is completely monopoly. Dear Apple, I request you to give me my right back ASAP.

  • Rigz

    Hey guys! I updated to ios 8.1. Using iPhone 5c. it is still not resolved. There is no 2G/3G/4G toggle :-(

  • druid

    8.1.3 and it is still not resolved!!!! Frustrating :@

  • Ciprian Huţiu

    8.1.3 solved in settings -> cellular -> voice & data

  • sreekanth

    this is so frustrating,can’t use my 2G,plz apple resolve this ASAP.

  • Naren Aggarwal

    Install Rubik from Cydia
    Works absolutely fine
    Settings page and control centre after installing it
    Can easily switch between 2g-3g from the 3g toggle