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How to Convert Video Into Picture in iPhone / iPad?

Last updated: August 24, 2015 at 20:31 pm

Let’s say that you have this habit of capturing high quality videos from your iPhone or iPad camera. Whether it’s the street, nature, kids, your friends, or your own face (who doesn’t love a selfie?)… you can easily capture a video and convert it into a picture.

Why? Because you probably caught a “moment” worth sharing. Maybe some funny expression. Or maybe you want to add a picture as “display pic” on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account?

Whatever the reason is, converting locally stored video into one or multiple images is possible.

Side note: I took several videos of this kid who stays nearby, and his dad wanted to get the kid’s photo printed. I actually never took any pictures – just the video, which is why I came up with this article. The method I used has been shared below (method #1) and I added other methods for your convenience. Hope this helps!

Converting iOS Video Into Photos: 3 Ways To Do It

Method #1: Video Already Captured? Then Pause And Take Screenshot

This is the method I used. Assuming you have already captured the video, all you have to do is open it using the default video player or any other media player (like VLC).

Next, you have to pause the video at a particular frame you prefer. Once that is done, take a screenshot. That’s it! The video’s frame is saved in your Camera Roll. Access it and share it anytime you want.

Note: To take screenshot from your iOS device, press the Home button along with the Sleep/Wake button from your device.

Method #2: Capturing Video? Then Use The Image Option

This is the method you can use when you are recording the video live. Say, for example, you want both video and quality pictures shot together. In such cases, launch the Camera app and start recording the video.

You will notice a white round button to your left (as shown below).


Tap this to snap photos while shooting the video. Again, the captured image with the video will be stored locally on your iOS device.

Method #3: Want More? Then Try Third-Party Apps

Shutta is a free app that allows you to capture moments from your videos. Whether the video is locally saved or you are shooting a fresh one, Shutta offers an easy way to create images out of these clips. You can also crop, add filters and colorful effects to these images.

Vhoto is yet another free app that allows you to extract the image (and even create a GIF animation) from the videos. You also also apply effects and share the image on various social media sites including FB, Twitter, etc.


You have seen the most simple way to convert the video into an image (method #1), then you went through another tip that lets you shoot videos and snap photos at the same time (method #2).

Lastly, you saw how third-party apps can be used to import videos and create photos from these videos. Of course, if you can to capture a scene from your favorite movie, using Vhoto and similar apps will be a better option (as it lets you create GIF animation).

Over to you: Are you using any other app for converting videos into images on your iOS device? Feel free to share your thoughts via the comment section below!

Note: Articles written at are valid for every Apple device running iOS 8.0, iOS 8.1, iOS 8.2, iOS 8.3, iOS 8.4 / 8.4.1 firmware
  • Shutta

    Hi! Thanks for mention! Just wanted to add that while you can get a still by taking a screenshot, you will only have 4 frames per second to choose from using this method and you will lose quite a bit of resolution. With Shutta you can choose any of the frames in the video (on iPhone 6 that’s upto 240 frames per second!!) and you don’t lose resolution. The app also allows you to download, email, text, or share on Facebook/Twitter and on the integrated Shutta social network.