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Here’s How To Increase or Decrease Font Size in WhatsApp Messenger

Last updated: September 28, 2014 at 0:39 am

On earlier Apple iOS, the old version of WhatsApp Messenger had a built-in option for changing the font size. You can go to “Chat Settings” to select small, medium, large, or extra large text size (see image). With time, however, WhatsApp decided it’d be best to remove this option from iPhones and iPads.

Font size settings in iOS WhatsApp earlier version

So if you are using the latest WhatsApp (yes, it crashes when you are typing) on iOS 8, you will realize you have absolutely no control over the font or text size.

Should you get used to those WhatsApp messages with large fonts? Not really. We have a solution that works. And we found it while we were writing the tutorial on iOS 8 font sizes.

How to Change WhatsApp Font Size in iOS 8

If the WhatsApp fonts are too large on your screen, reduce or make them small with the help of “Text Size” settings available in iOS 8.

Follow these steps: Go to the General menu, then “Text Size” and slide the ball to extreme right to increase the font size. To make fonts smaller, slide the ball to the left. Adjust it to suit your needs.

WhatsApp text can be increased or decreased using the “Text Size” settings on iOS 8

You will notice, by default, the fonts are large in size on the new WhatsApp Messenger. So we followed the above steps to make the fonts smaller. This is how it looks:

WhatsApp font size reduced

Tip: You can always revert to normal (default font size) by sliding the ball to the middle.

Extra Large Font Size: iOS 8 has another font changing option that forces WhatsApp Messenger to show extremely large fonts. Elders and people with poor vision will find this useful as it will help them in reading and typing messages easily.

The extra large font size option can be found by navigating to the following: General -> Settings -> Accessibility -> Larger Type. Once again, a slider will help you increase or decrease the font size. This is how it looks:

WhatsApp font size increased


Even though WhatsApp for iOS doesn’t have any internal settings for changing font size, Apple’s newly introduced text-related feature solves the problem.

You will notice that we have shared two ways to customize WhatsApp font to fit in nicely with your iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch. To learn more about fonts, we recommend you to go through this page:

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