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Why Do I Get Page When Trying To Access Public WiFi?

Last updated: August 26, 2015 at 18:13 pm

Question: Whenever I launch Safari browser from my iPhone, it takes me to another URL that never loads anything on the screen. I am using free WiFI from the hotel. How do I get rid of this URL so I can connect my iPhone to the Internet?

Answer: Whether you are trying to access free or paid Internet from your hotel, international airport, or from your home WiFi using iPhone / iPad – any error related to may appear because you need to add the login details.

By adding the username and password, you can access the WiFi connection on your iOS device.

According to Apple, means one thing: that you are trying to access a public WiFi network that are usually sponsored by telecom companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Tata Docomo, etc.

If you get a blank or the page never loads as soon as you try to access WiFi, then you are not connected to the Internet. Add login details. But if you do get a “success” message on your browser, then you are connected to the Internet.

What if there is no one to give you username or password of the public WiFi connection? Or such details do not even exist? In such case, you may want to reboot your device.

Then, make sure that mobile data / cellular data (as in 3G/4G) is not enabled on your device.

If possible, you can also reset the network. In case you get any timeout errors or the website never loads, change the DNS address to Google DNS.

We faced this issue on our home WiFi connection – and simply rebooting the router/modem helped us in getting rid of the error message.


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