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WhatsApp Crashes on iOS 8? Here’s The Fix!

WhatsApp has released a new version of its popular Messenger software for iOS devices. If you are using an iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, iPad 2 and over, or iPod Touch 5G… now is the right time to update WhatsApp app. Just go to your App Store and look for the latest Whatsapp Update. Why …

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How Stable is Latest iOS 8 on iPhone 5s/5c?

Here is my experience with iOS 8 firmware on Apple iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. I will cover everything you need to know — from stability to installation issues and battery performance… and the additional “problems” we invited right after marrying the frequently-updated iOS 8 operating system with the heroic Apple iPhone. Before We Go …

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Take Selfie Pics on iOS Without Selfie Camera Apps

You probably know more about selfies already, but let us make it clear. Let us explain what is a selfie and then show you how you can take your selfie easily without downloading any camera app on your iOS device. Sounds good? Alright. So what’s a selfie? By definition, selfie is a self-portrait photograph captured …

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Check Facebook Messages Without Messenger App On iOS Device

So how do you really chat on Facebook without installing the Facebook Messenger app? Or do we have any “workaround” to check messages right from the original Facebook app? The answers might surprise you. We have the solutions, and it is going to help you access Facebook messages without having to download Facebook Messenger on …

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Exact Release Date & Time of iOS 8

We all have been wondering when is Apple going to release iOS 8 firmware. And we deserve to know, right? If you remember, we mentioned that Apple will be releasing iOS 8 firmware on September 10th of this month. Guess what? We were wrong… And it was our damn fault. We converted the timezone into …

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Faulty iOS 8 Leads to Low App Ratings

Remember how the new Facebook app received single star rating? Blame Facebook developers, who launched the app with an dumb evil twist. You know what it is, right? Users like us where put at the edge and forced to download Facebook with its Messenger app. There was no other way. You get two apps, instead …

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Who Can Download iOS 8 Beta 6 Firmware?

Looking to upgrade from iOS 8 Beta 5 to iOS 8 Beta 6 firmware? Let’s start with the good and then the bad news. The good news is that Apple has released iOS 8 Beta 6 files, although it is a little late… but we should be glad to know that the new iOS 8 …

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