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Apple Beats 1 Radio Song Request: 2 Ways To Do It

Last updated: July 1, 2015 at 21:29 pm


Online radio song requests are popular. I still remember requesting to play my favorite song on a local radio and bursting with joy when they called out my name. It was even more fun because I dedicated this request to all the girls in my college.

Now, with Apple Music, we have a bigger platform.

In fact, you can now request any English song – can be any genre like hip-hop, pop, rock, jazz, rap, dub, rnb, disco, trance, trance and so on – through the Beats 1 live radio platform.

Your music will be heard by millions of listeners (as Beats 1 radio is fresh) and your name will be called out. So whether you want to dedicate a song to your loved ones, your friends, family, or simply get your name called out worldwide – send a song request to the Beats 1 radio channel.

Here are two ways to send a song request to Beats 1 radio station:

Option #1: Make A Phone Call

Depending on your country, you can directly call Beats 1 folks to request a song. Here are the phone numbers to call:

US and World: +1 (310) 299-8756
US Toll Free: +1 (877) 720-6293
Canada Toll Free: +1 855-648-0703
UK Toll Free: +44 800 802 1238
France: +33 975182160
Japan: +813-4589-5123
Germany: +49 1573 5982361
Brazil: +55 11 4950-1098
Mexico: +52 814170 3626
Dominican Republic: +1829-956-5158
Australia: +61282945836
Italy: +390294751288
Ireland: +35376680 5749
New Zealand: +64 9-887 8360

Source: Apple Music on Tumblr

Option #2: Send An iMessage

From your iPhone / iPad, open the iMessage app and send your request to

Note that Travis Mills is hosting the “Request” show at 5PM PT / 8PM ET. Only during this period, the requested songs will be played – and also note that only the selected songs will be played. How do they decide that? No one knows, but common sense says when we have lots song requests and the song is trending / hot right now are going to get priority.

Beats 1 Request Rant: I have read a lot of tweets about this new “song request” section and why it doesn’t make any sense. Who really want to request their fav song, then wait (and wish) for the Beats 1 team to pick up the request, and finally play the song on a certain time?

It’s a very valid question, especially since we have the power of Internet with us. All it takes is a couple of Google search (and YouTube) to find your favorite artists, albums, and play the music instantly – but radio works in a different way.

There is this joy in requesting a song and dedicating it to someone. There is this joy in hearing your own name from a renowned DJ or rapper. And, of course, there is this joy of getting your favorite music heard by others worldwide. All this is possible with Beats 1 radio station.

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